Light aluminium “353 buckle”

Thanks to Anjou Aeronautique’s tradition in aviation – which resulted in strong engineering skills and engineering expertise, the Company has developed its newest light weight product, following the last weight reducing trends in aviation:

Our light weight seatbelt 353:

  • Complies to (E)TSO C22g standard;
  • The first light seat belt with different buckle colors to meet your cabin interior
  • Suitable for premium and economy class;
  • Multiple webbing and buckle color options;
  • Customized buckles with your company logo;
  • 90º buckle release;
  • Up to 3000 lbs rated strength;
  • Similar design to 349 belts without changing the rivet type fixation (65 years of
    experience proved its viability);
  • Polyester webbing elasticity 7% or 10% as per your preference;
  • No life limit;

Tehnical specification 353 light seatbelt
Technical specification 353 light seatbelt extensions